Organization, Architecture, Autonomy and Accountability by Kevin Goldsmith

Homo-Adaptus Agile Worker by Lior Frenkel

Leading Innovation by Jonathan Bertfield

Intel CHD Case Study by Ronen Ezra

True Continuous Improvement with Toyota Kata by Jesper Boeg

Real Innovation is with Real Customers by Baat Enosh

Creating a Culture of Ownership and Trust with Visibility and Transparency
by Shai Peretz

Kubernetes is Hard! Lessons Learned Taking Our Apps to Kubernetes
by Eldad Assis

Augury's Journey Towards CD by Assaf Mizrachi

Click's Agile Tranistion by Meny Duek

Pango Journey to an Agile Cloud by Yaniv Kalo

Honest Experimentation by Jonathan Bertfield

The Best Way to Encourage Innovation! by Adina Weldmann

Are We Really Using Our Resources in The Most Effective Way
by Perry Yaqubovitz

Agile Hiring at Scale by Yon Bergman

Jira Portfolio by Elad Ben-Noam

A Back-End Approach to Customer Driven by Adi Gostynski

Distributed Teams by Kevin Goldsmith

What Do Agile Leaders Do by Kurt Bittner

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