DevOps Manager

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We are looking for a DevOps manager with a development background (Java or Python). In this role, you will work on a communication product using MicroServices architecture and AWS. The job requires deep understanding of development processes and involves practices like CI/CD – Jenkins, TeamCity, and technologies like Kubernetes and Docker.

Joining us gives you the opportunity to be part of an innovative environment that builds cutting-edge technology.

If you are bright, self-learner, passionate for new technologies and have excellent interpersonal skills – we  are the right team for you!


  • 5+ years of DevOps experience
  • Management and DevOps leadershipexperience
  • Linux expert as sysadmin
  • 3+ years of experience with AWS/Azure/Google Cloud
  • Experience with Docker Image creation and orchestration
  • Kubernetes admin experience
  • Major development skills with Java or Python
  • Understanding of CI / CD concepts and experience with build / release systems (Jenkins, GIT etc.).
  • Strong attention to details and excellent problem solving/troubleshooting skills
  • Database experience (Kafka, mySQL, NoSQL, Mongo, ELK)
  • Proven experience in large scale production environment

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