Agile Israel 2020 - ההרצאות המלאות

Keynote Speaker - Michael Galloway, Senior Engineering Manager – Delivery Integrations @ Netflix

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Orit Yaron, VP Cloud Platform @Outbrain
The Certainty in Uncertainty

Nataly Kremer, AT&T VP, Israel General Manager @AT&T
AT&T Israel: Telco Quality @ The Speed of an Internet Media Company

Joakim Sundén, ex-Spotify Agile coach, Consultant, Author of "Kanban in Action"
Discover Weekly – How autonomy saved one of Spotify’s most loved features from being killed

Raffi Margaliot, SVP & General Manager, Application Delivery Management @Micro Focus
Scaling Agile across the Enterprise – Lessons learned from our own Micro Focus Transformation

David Forsher, Head of Digital & Data @ Isracard
Agile transformation as a NEVER ENDING STORY

Yaki Koren, Agile Coach, Head of engineering practices @ AgileSparks
Remote Work: challenges and opportunities for development organizations

Pazit Dishon, Director of Data Acquisition @ PIPL
Navigating the Data Ocean - Hypothesis driven product development

Daniel Sternlicht @Outbrain
Breaking The Silos: Micro Communities for R&D Organizations

Ehud Shavit, Software development team leader @OptimalPlus
Agile from theory to impact – a story of a team

Shiri Arad Ivtsan, Senior Product Manager @ WhiteSource
DevSecOps - Closing the Loop from Detection to Remediation

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Oded Tamir, Enterprise Agile & DevOps coach, lead coach @ AgileSparks
Remote PI planning

Ofer Cohen, Lead coach & Partner, SPCT @ AgileSparks
Business Agility

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Keren Rubin, VP People Operations @ Augury
Developing People, Not just Products: applying Agile principles to People Operations for speed and impact

Karin Moscovici, VP R&D @ Riskified and Erik Parienty, Head of DevOps @ Riskified
It takes a village: The foundations you need in your R&D and DevOps in order to succeed in building autonomous teams

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Experts Panel led by Sagi Smolarski, Lead Coach & SPC @AgileSparks. Attending Yael Goldberg Katz (AT&T), Liat Palace (Amdocs), Ami Ganot (OM2), Omer Meshar (CyberArk).

Neeraj Bachani, Lead coach, SPCT @ AgileSparks
Accelerating Value delivery through Value Streams

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